Jordan G. Register

Pet Status: One dog, Albert

Hobbies:Reading, Painting, Hiking, Leatherworking, Playing violin and Cello, Talking to my dog about politics 

Great Barnes moment: Being able to get to know our community while providing them with the best products to help their pets have a great quality of life. 

Favorite Products to Recommend:Benebones are a great chew toy for all dogs. They have multiple sizes so there’s something for every breed and age. They’re infused with flavors like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter. They also last forever according to my dog albert who has had one for six months now. 

I also recommend Primal frozen raw dog food. Even if it’s just a small amount added to your pets dry food, dogs love it and it has a great dietary read. I use their frozen turkey broth on my dogs dinner and Albert is very happy with it.