Petmate Fashion Oval Foam Lounger Pet Bed

Petmate Fashion Oval Foam Lounger Pet Bed


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Keep your house looking cool and your pet warm and snuggly with the Petmate® Fashion Oval Foam Pet Lounger Bed. Covered with a fetching multi dot pattern and filled with supportive polyurethane foam, this pet lounger is a stylish addition to any corner of your home. The raised sides let your pet burrow down to make this bed its own. The washable, soft exterior unzips making it easy-to-clean, so your pet's sleeping space and your home smell fresh.


18" L x 14" W x 5" H
Product Weight
2.5 LB


Understanding your dog's sleep style will help you to choose a bed that will perfectly complement his preferred sleeping position - simply observe his most common sleeping pose from afar before you make your bedding selection. Dogs that prefer the "curled up" sleep style need to feel secure as they sleep. Our lounger and bolster beds are designed to provide your furry friend the security he needs with raised sides for added comfort with optimal joint and muscle support. Our shaped and cuddler beds have support all the way around and are very popular with smaller breed dogs and our feline friends. With the right pet bed, your dog (or cat) will rest comfortably and get up feeling his furry best all year-round! At Petmate we make choosing the right bed for your pet easier than playing a game of fetch!