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An antiqued copper-plated dragonfly hovers below this charming chime.

Tuned to an intriguing ancient pentatonic scale which lifts the spirit and creates a feeling of ease, this Habitats Chime celebrates the variety of nature around us. From butterflies to blue whales, the Earth teems with life. Areas that sustain life are called habitats, and each habitat is part of an interconnected system that makes the richness of our life on Earth possible.

The butterfly's habitat should be relatively sunny and windless. By contrast our Habitats Chime Butterfly loves the wind!

Our Habitats Chimes easily inhabit both indoor and outdoor settings and help those in earshot to be in balance with their environment.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

This chime was designed with a removable windcatcher that can be taken to a trophy shop, printer or jeweler to be engraved or silk-screened. Download windcatcher removal instructions here or watch a video here.

Download product hanging instructions here.

View our Product Care Guide here.


size and materials
  • Green wash finish ash wood
  • Six bronze aluminum tubes
  • Antiqued copper-plated steel dragonfly
  • Removable windcatcher for easy customization
  • Overall Length: 17 inches • Diameter: 4 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 0.7 lb.

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