Brandi Cooley

Team Member Since: 2008

Pet Status: 1 Dog; Name: Chewy

Hobbies: Arts and crafts, writing, getting dirty, river walking, tasty food, laughing and having Danny Tanner moments with my kid.

My Great Barnes Moments: I really love giving tours of the store and talking about it's history to all of the elementary school kids and summer camp groups that come in. Also I love doing the window displays. And I dig the Ninth Street camaraderie that happens with regular faces.

Favorite Products to Recommend: Fromm is a great dog food, this is what feed Chewy. The ingredients read well, the kibble size is perfect for small to medium dogs and there are several great protein sources to choose from, so you can alternate amino acids. I'm also a big fan of FoxFarm soils and fertilizers, I have personally yielded some great looking gardens by making the switch to FoxFarm products. I love recommending their Ocean Forest Soil to people establishing raised beds.