The Owners

Barnes Supply Company is a family owned and operated business. Gary and Patricia George purchased the business in 1991. At the time, oldest son Jonathan was only 5 years old and youngest son Jason was only 2 months. Both boys grew up around the store and working as much as time allowed.

Both Gary and Patricia are native of Durham. Both attended school in the county and began their careers with large companies based in Durham. Gary spent 13 years working at American Tobacco and Patricia spent 12 years with Nortel. When both large companies relocated the Georges made the decision to stay in Durham instead and pursue their life long dream to own their own business.

As both sons finished up school they came into the business hoping to have stock in the family trade and share in the dream that Gary and Patricia established. The timing on this transition has been perfect. Gary and Patricia are easing into retirement just as the boys are getting settled in the store. Jonathan and Jason have a lot of new ideas for the store and Gary hopes that they will bring a fresh perspective to the table and continue the family tradition at Barnes Supply.