Removing Ticks From Your Pets

Ticks are disgusting little insects that survive by sucking blood from their hosts, often times from your four-legged friend. Here are some tips to get that pestering tick out:

You should check your animal pretty regularly to see if it has ticks on it. Ticks especially like to nest in the head and neck area. When feeling around your pet, you may encounter an area where you feel a small round lump. If you spread the hair and see a tick, here are the steps you need to take to remove it:

- First of all, you should have latex gloves over your hands to protect yourself from anything that the tick might have.

-Use a pair of tweezers and get them as close to the skin as possible without actually pinching it. Do not pull fast or you may break off the tick’s head in your pet’s skin, causing an infection.

-After you get rid of it by putting in a tissue and disposing of it down the toilet, put antiseptic ointment on your pet where you removed the tick. Be sure to clean the tweezers thoroughly when you’re through.

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