Mosser Lee Red Lava Rock

Mosser Lee Red Lava Rock

Mosser Lee

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Mosser Lee Decorative Lava Rock comes from well below the Earth's crust, deposited by old volcanic eruptions. The reddish color reflects the original mineral deposits, long since scorched to produce this porous and useful rock.

Uses include: 

  • Place on top of any potted soil to reduce moisture evaporation in interior houseplants.
  • Place rocks in the bottom of pots before adding dirt to provide drainage. May not be able to reuse stones after use.
  • Place rocks under clay pots to allow the pots to drain after watering.
  • Arrange stones on a dish or flat bowl for a decorative table display.
  • Accent color and shapes in custom designs and crafts.
  • Add to terrariums to accent the growing medium
  • Place on top of BBQ grates to absorb falling grease
  • Many, many more…..