Mosser Lee White Sand

Mosser Lee White Sand

Mosser Lee

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Mosser Lee Decorative Sands are selected especially for Mosser Lee for their beauty. Our clean sands are the highest quality on the market and highly rated amoung users.

Our sands are used for horticultural, school and craft projects. Your use is only bounded  by your imagination. Originally designed to be added to loosen clay soils for potted plants, which remains their primary use, Mosser Lees Decorative Sands are also great for:

  • Terrarium medium
  • Cactus growing medium
  • Vase medium for artificial or live flowers
  • Loosens heavy clay soils
  • Cover soil in pots
  • Decorative table display
  • Accent color and shapes in custom designs
  • Dish gardens
  • Craft projects calling for sand