Mosser River Rock Soil Cover

Mosser River Rock Soil Cover

Mosser Lee

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Mosser Lee River Rock is drawn from the cold flowing rivers of the deep Wisconsin woods. Millions of years of rushing water have naturally polished the once sharp lines of this natural rock into the beautiful River Rocks that we offer to you.


Used by professional gardeners and recommended in many gardening books, Mosser Lee Stones and Rocks beautify any floral arrangement as well as the drab appearance of potting soil for live plants and in artificial arrangements. 

Mosser Lee’s Stones and Rocks are uniform in size which allows you to use every stone. The natural beauty of the stones and rocks will remain attractive for years of use.

  • Place on top of any potted soil to reduce moisture evaporation in interior houseplants.
  • Fill glass vases and place artificial or live cut flowers through the stones. Add water to live arrangements.
  • Place stones in the bottom of pots before adding dirt to provide drainage. May not be able to reuse stones after use.
  • Place stones under clay pots to allow the pots to drain after watering. Stones are flat and provide pot stability.
  • Accent color and shapes in custom designs and crafts.
  • Add to terrariums to accent the growing medium
  • Many, many more…..